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The Ethereum address for the token distribution is:


Important: Do not send ETH from an Exchange. Read this website carefully before participating.


The distribution of the Order Coin [ORC] will be made in 95 days, from April 5 to July 8 and will consist of two phases.

1- Pre-ICO 164 000 000 ORC from April 5 (12:00 am UTC) to May 4 (12:00 am UTC).

2- ICO A-B-C 820 000 000 ORC from May 5 (12:00 am UTC) to July 8 (12:00 am UTC). This phase will have different bonuses that will decrease as the end date of the ICO approaches.



35% - April 5 00:00 am UTC   until May 4 00:00 am UTC
25% - May 5   00:00 am UTC   until May 22 00:00 am UTC
18% - May 23 00:00 am UTC   until June 6 00:00 am UTC
10% - June 7 00:00 am UTC   until July 8 00:00 am UTC

The ORC Tokens are ERC-20 tokens and will be issued at the same time they are purchased.
The ORC tokens will be instantly credited to the owner of the wallet that has participated in the purchase. When the distributed 984 000 000 ORC is reached, the ICO will be finished.

THE PRE-ICO is online till 4th of May!


Smart contract of participation

The Ethereum address for the distribution of tokens is:


Do not send ETH from an Exchange. If you send ETH to the ORC Token Distribution Contract from an Exchange account, your ORC tokens will be assigned to the Exchange ETH account and you may never receive or be able to recover your ORC tokens.

QR code for crowdsale address:


Our Operating Model for the Identification and Solution of Market Gaps

Until now, if you wanted to buy an item online, you had to waste substantial amount of time on surfing through all items that showed up on your search until you found the right product or services for an affordable price. This is now a thing of the past.

Imagine a service where itís not you who is doing the online search, but where you get served. Exactly the way it happens if you are walking in a brick-and-mortar store. Only that this service offers you the selection of several hundred stores. Local stores or stores from far away, the choice is yours.

Our objective is to turn the process of shopping upside down and inside out, and to reverse the process of online shopping. To provide services with unparalleled convenience that spare time, resources and money for its users.

In our ecosystem, products or services are offered and sold to customers by online shops, exactly the way it would happen in the real world.

The objective is to shift the burden of searching for the right product from consumers to businesses offering the products or services by finding what the customer wants and needs. The only thing customers should do is to choose the best of the relevant offers they are getting.

Right from the drawing board, our aim was to create a win-win situation for consumers and businesses using our system. People may spend their time and resources freed up by using our services for quality activities, while businesses are enabled to reach and serve consumers actually interested in their products or services.

Whitepaper English

Whitepaper Indonesian

Whitepaper Hindi

Whitepaper Vietnamese

Consumer's interest has to be sustained on the long run, their satisfaction has to be continuously measured and monitored, their changing needs are to be assessed and businesses must be fast and flexible to address these issues. Our solution opens up these opportunities to small- and medium sized enterprises, so that they can be part of this development.

Reaching consumers, showcasing and introducing their products and services is more difficult for small enterprises.
They can't really benefit from the possibilities offered by Internet either. Because today, the Internet is too diverse, too many companies are represented there, so it is very difficult to find small enterprises near by our living area.
Therefore, both small size enterprises and consumers (households) will benefit from the connection we create between them. Websites of small- and medium size enterprises are not very helpful in finding consumers, as search engines will give consumers millions of URLs for each keyword they enter, and they will only look at the first 10-20, as a maximum.

Our solution will allow for local businesses and consumers to find each other even more easily, and by making good use of this opportunity, the enterprises will be able to increase their turnover and profitability potential as well.

By our services to be provided to small- and medium-sized enterprises, we will make available to them in a cost-effective way the latest digital and information technologies, which will result in such significant competitive ability and efficiency improvements for these market operators, which will allow them to gain a stronger market position in the course of their operation, to result in a perceivable increase in their turnover and profitability potential, which will provide to them the foundation to be able to employ a higher number of staff.

These positive effects attributable to small- and medium-sized enterprises, arising out of their significant role played in individual national economies, in respect of the economies concerned and through interacting economic processes, will bring about positive results with regard to both employment and income generation, as well as economic performance.


For the ORC Token, we conducted a comprehensive research to choose a segment of the economy challenged by considerable efficiency problems and lagging behind in terms of competitiveness. In other words, we were identifying the segment facing real economic problems.

ORC Tokenís largest benefit is that we have created it in a way that its use within our system as a medium of exchange would mean a significant help for increasing profits of businesses playing an important role in the business life of communities, local economies, and countries. These businesses are also supported in their adoption of new technological trends and growth. At the same time, we offer useful services for consumers.

The real key factor in its appreciation is that we have created it for practical purposes, for the conduct of commercial payment transactions. Consequently, with the spread of our system, the demand for ORC Token will also increase. The larger volumes are entered in commercial circulation, the larger the demand will be from consumers and retailers, which will substantially support ORC Tokenís price and growth on the long run.

For small businesses using our system will be beneficial as well, since their competitive handicap coming from their lack of financial-human-and other resources will cease, as they will get access to a ready-made digital system for affordable price.
With our solution the enterprises will be able to get access to a targeted consumer group via our system which reflects their real needs and interests for the products marketed by them.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology in which we see immense potential. We are positive that industries based on these new foundations will reach an efficiency that will force players using traditional technologies behind those who are building on these blockchain foundations.

We have created our business strategy along these lines and launched our enterprise.
Building up gradually, we aim to provide the full range of fintech services for both consumers and businesses.


CEO & Founder
Founder & Main Developer
Using our creativity to create a new useful thing for the community, the implementation of a new idea is a fantastic and very exciting thing. But at the same time it is our responsibility to investors that our solution have to be economically viable. We are responsible for our employees to provide them with the right working conditions and long-term predictable performance. And we have a responsibility towards users to give them a really useful solution that gives them tangible benefits.
I believe that reaching success can only be achieved by enduring hard work, maximum engagement. In addition, the openness with teammates, the ability to cooperate, and professionalism is very important. I am confident that there are only two types of problems: It is easy to solve and difficult to solve. There is no unsolvable problem. We all are much more than we think. If we have the right knowledge, to achieve our goals, there is only enough will and perseverance.


Money supply is the entire stock of currency and other liquid instruments circulating in a country's economy as of a particular time. Also referred to as money stock, money supply includes safe assets, such as cash, coins, and balances held in checking and savings accounts that businesses and individuals can use to make payments or hold as short-term investments.

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is like an IPO (Initial Public Offering), but it will be organized in the cryptocurrency economy. During an IPO in the traditional economy, a number of shares will be made available on a public stock exchange in some country. An ICO is the process of allowing anyone from anywhere in the world to buy the companyís tokens. These tokens can be like shares and tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges, but also may have some predetermined unique properties based on their related smart contracts.

Of all the blockchains that allow apps to be developed based on smart contracts, Ethereumís usage has been steadily on the rise and it is the most popular of them all. Ethereum also has the most widely supported token standard, ERC20, which has been accepted by most of the exchange platforms.

The token itself is of a minor practical use and would not hold its value for long if it does not have any functionality required to interact with other applications or other tokens via the Ethereum blockchain. The methods that need to be implemented are for example related to transfers, a total supply and a balance on an address. The standard was developed to ensure that these basic interaction methods would be duly implemented.

A token contract is basically a map of Ethereum account addresses and their balances. The balance can be called token. The contract describes the logic needed to ensure that the balances always match the actions that have been completed by token owners. The methods include for example querying the total number of tokens or defining how to send tokens from one address to another.

Order Coin. ORC tokens are used within the platform to purchase of goods and services.

We will send listing applications to all of the recognized stock exchanges. Independently from tokens listing on stock exchange, liquidity problem is solved by using bancor protocol ( Tokens will be available for exchange within the first few weeks after TGE completion.

No, ORC tokens canít be mined.

Sure, we are applying to all major exchanges. We already implemented Bancor protocol which guarantees decentralized exchange with 0% fees.

How to invest in an ICO?

The first step is setting up Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet. These wallets have been verified to support Ethereum ERC20 tokens. The list is continuously updated at Tokenmarket.
- MyEtherWallet (Online)
- MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser extension)
- Mist (Desktop)
- Parity (Desktop)
- imToken (iPhone)
- imToken (Android)
How to open MyEtherWallet to participate in ICO
MyEtherWallet is the most convenient Ether wallet which is capable of smart contracts. Thus, itís no surprise that most people use it to store their tokens acquired via ICOs. It is an online wallet, but it also provides offline and hardware wallet support, meaning that users can generate wallet keys for a variety of Ethereum storage solutions. That makes it a great all-around solution for everyone interested in investing in ICO.
Hereís how to set it up.
1.Go to
You will be greeted by several safety reminders and option to create a new wallet. pic 2.Create a password.
Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to make it as strong as possible. Write it down immediately and, if possible, make several copies. Then, click ďCreate New Wallet.Ē
3.Download and store your keystore file.
Do it for security reasons. As you know, there can never be too much safety precautions in cryptocurrency trading. Store your keystore file in a secure location and click continue.
4.Save your private key.
It may look just like a string of symbols, but this is your private key and its safety is of critical importance. Make sure to back it up and keep it safe. You can also print it to keep it as a paper wallet. Remember, there is no way to retrieve your forgotten or lost private key and password, therefore, take all necessary safety measures suggested by the page.
5.Use your private key or keystore file to open your wallet.
There are many ways to unlock your wallet, but to keep it simple letís stick with the files we just got?ó?private key and keystore file. Select and paste your private key or upload the keystore file to unlock your wallet.
pic 6.Congratulations, youíve just opened your fully functional Ethereum wallet.
Next time you want to access it, go to, click ďView Wallet InfoĒ in the top right corner and authorize yourself again. All is left now is to load your wallet up with some Ether. If you already hold some of it, send it to your public address. MyEtherWallet also makes it easy to buy Ether via Coinbase (although it sells at a more expensive rate than usual).

Mist wallet step by step guide
Cryptocurrency wallets are categorized into four categories: online (cloud-based), software (desktop and mobile), hardware (external device) and paper (printed keys). You may already be aware that desktop wallets are considered as more secure than online wallets. Therefore, if you want that extra layer of safety, it is recommended to use the desktop wallet. For that, we suggest using official Ethereum wallet Mist. Hereís how you can set it up.
1.Download Mist wallet.
Look for the latest Mist wallet version here. Scroll down to downloads and choose the release according to the system youíre using. In this tutorial, weíre using the Ethereum-Wallet-win64 file.
2. Installation.
Once downloaded, unzip the file and look for Ethereum Wallet application file and launch it.
If you choose to download Ethereum Wallet installer file, youíll be asked to select an install location for the wallet and its blockchain data. Put it on a drive which has sufficient hard disk space, so that it can use some of it. All blocks combined can take up to 30Gb of space.
When the screen loads, you should see this window.
Select USE THE MAIN NETWORK option. The test network is a function for developers and is not connected to the actual blockchain network.
3. Setting up your wallet.
Once you select the main network, a window will pop up asking if you have a wallet file. Letís assume that you donít possess one and click skip.
Next, youíll be asked to create a secure password for your new account. Use a unique mix of letters, numbers and symbols to make it impossible to guess. You wonít be able to change it later on, so write it down immediately.
When you establish a secure password, click next and you will see a reminder to backup your password and keystore file. It is critical that you do that because if you lose them, you will also lose access to your wallet and its assets.
Click OK, backup your keys and here you have it! Your Ethereum wallet is ready to use. Next thing youíll need to do is load it up with Ether. You can immediately top it up with Bitcoin or transfer Ether from your other wallets.
Be aware that you wonít be able to take advantage of your wallet until it finishes downloading all of the network blocks. Depending on your network speed it might take a while, so itís better to just leave your computer on for a while. Again, Mist can use up a lot of your disk space and might be too big to store it locally, so make sure to put it on a drive where it can fit.

ICO participation steps
Investing in the ICO will require undergoing the following sequence of actions.
1. If you do not yet own any ETH, buy some Ether on any cryptocurrency exchange (Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken or any other).
2. Skip this step if you already have ETH in your wallet. Transfer your Ether to your ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet (MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity, imToken etc.).
3. Copy-paste the payment address from the official Invest ICO page. It will be published as soon as the ICO starts. Be AWARE of scams, do not copy this address from any other resources.
4. Open your Ether wallet and send a deposit to the ICO payment address. Please specify the amount you want to contribute and use correct Gas value. A recommended Gas limit is 200.000.
5. Confirm the transaction to the specified address and hit the send button.
6. Add your newly acquired tokens. It depends on your wallet interface, but for MyEtherWallet go to View Wallet Info -> Token Balances -> Add Custom Token and for Mist head to Contracts -> Watch Token. All you need to do here is paste the ICO Ether contribution address (the one where you sent your Ether) and all of the fields should be filled automatically. If it doesnít, all of the necessary info can be easily found on the companys website or ask via email. Click save and here you have it! Your ORC coins will immediately appear in your wallet once and of your previous transactions have been processed.

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